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Responsive CSS Shadows

Simple easy to use Shadows in CSS.

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PHP Error Logging

Log errors to a file, and prevent showing them to the user. Make sure that the file exists and your able to write to it.

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Base64 Encode of 1x1px Transparent GIF

Just in case you need one. You can stretch it out to fill space as needed.

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Validate an Email Address

Front end validations are used for web applications while back-end validations protects us on the server side. Here is a regulation …

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jQuery Current Week Number

Get the current week number using jQuery.

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Who Is Domain Lookup Function

Who Is Domain Lookup Function in PHP

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Custom Select Inputs

SASS to customize the appearance of select inputs.

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Get the last day of the month

If you do not have 4.xx yet here is a simple way to get the last day of the month. You can replace the current date with a var to find the …

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Custom login URL for Wordpress

This isn't to change the login URL for security reasons, but to make it easier for clients to remember their login url. Add to .htaccess …

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